Noaptea cercetătorilor - București 2021

Pe 24 septembrie, copiii și adulții deopotrivă sunt invitați să descopere lumea extraordinară a științei prin zeci de activități destinate minților curioase de toate vârstele: zone pline de jocuri, concursuri cu premii, experimente sau expoziții pentru stimularea creativității, a gândirii critice, a curiozității, dar și dezbateri sau conferințe pe teme de interes în cercetare. Evenimentul desfășurat în numeroase orașe din țară sub tema ”ReCoN-nect – The Green Deal” aduce zona de cercetare de excelență din România în fața publicului larg într-un mod interactiv, educativ și distractiv. Cele mai mari institute de cercetare și cele mai importante instituții de învățământ superior din România și-au unit eforturile pentru a oferi publicului o experiență spectaculoasă.

Researchers' Night 2021

ReCoN-nect -The Green Deal: Research communication to CommuNities Project

A whole world is looking for solutions to reconnect with nature, the Researchers' Night 2021 event is dedicated to the science efforts to give the planet a greener future. The ReCoN-nect consortium - The Green Deal: Research communications to Communities is part of the European Researchers Night 2021 series.

Măgurele Summer School of Science and Technology (MSciTeh), 2021

Between August 21 and September 4, 2021, the fourth edition of Măgurele Summer School of Science and Technology (MSciTeh) took place, under the patronage of the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO. The event, organized by the University of Bucharest, the Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering - Horia Hulubei (IFIN-HH) and the National Research-Development Institute for Earth Physics (INFP), had as main theme Quantum technologies - principles and applications.

19th International Conference on Plasma Physics and Applications, August 31-September 3, 2021 Magurele, Romania

The 19th edition of the International Conference on Plasma Physics and Applications focuses on the recent advances in plasma fundamentals and applications, covering a wide variety of topics, including gas discharge physics, plasma sources, plasma diagnostics, material engineering, energy, fusion technology, health, environment and space. The conference, traditionally organized by the Romanian plasma community, will offer excellent conditions for discussion, exchange ideas and establishing contacts.


The significant impact of COVID19 has placed impossible constraints on our community’s ability to join in our favourite meeting place of Munich, Germany. CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2021 will take place in virtual format on the scheduled dates from Monday 21 June to Friday 25 June 2021. The stakeholder societies and Messe Munich have plenty of experience and significant resources for making CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2021 a successful and exciting event at any circumstances. We believe the online conference format will allow authors to present timely their work whilst still providing many of the benefits of a face to face meeting. In addition, presentations will be more widely available, yielding a greater exposure of their work.

International conference to highlight new frontiers in lasers, photonics and optical science across a wide range of technical areas.

The CLEO®/Europe-EQEC conference series has a strong tradition as a comprehensive and prestigious gathering of optics and photonics researchers and engineers in Europe.

The scientific dimension of the art

Marian Zamfirescu - The light carries information

The Laser Trip - When the light became music

Peter Gate proposes an unique project to transform the laser light into a signal, then into sound and finally into music. "Laser Trip" is an innovative music and space experimentation project developed in collaboration with Dr. Marian Zamfirescu, scientific researcher at the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics and Dr. Mark McCaughrean, advisor at the European Space Agency.

CETAL Workshop 2020 - online

About the workshop The 4th edition of the CETAL Workshop takes place between December 16-18, 2020.

This year the CETAL Workshop will have an online format and will include two sections:

  • presentations of the results of the research projects carried out this year in INFLPR;
  • online courses given by experienced researchers, dedicated to young researchers from NILPRP.

Researchers' Night 2020

2020 is the International Year of Sound, an area of great importance for the evolution of scientific and technological applications in modern society. On November 27, 2020, the event "European Researchers' Night" will take place in Romania, under the motto "Doing Research at Midnight in Romania - DoReMi-RO", emphasizing with this initiative both research activities and technological development, identities combined through sounds and music. In the current epidemic context, all activities will take place online.

CANCELLED! Nanomaterials and advanced characterization, Advanced functional films grown by pulsed deposition methods, Symposium J, E-MRS 2020 Spring Meeting, Strasbourg, France, 25-29 May 2020

The E-MRS 2020 Spring Meeting at the foreseen dates (May 25-29) is CANCELLED and has to be POSTPONED.

There is a growing interest towards pulsed methods like High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS), Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD), Pulsed Electron Beam Deposition (PED), etc. for thin films and nanostructures synthesis. Indeed, unique properties can be obtained thanks to the specific characteristics of pulsed processes. One of the symposium organizers is Magdalena Nistor from the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (NILPRP).

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