INFLPR, through the following groups PPAM from the Laser Department, LaMP from the CETAL Department and PPMS from the Low Temperature Plasma Department, together with the JKU Universities from Austria, RWTH from Germany, FORTH Institutes from Greece, BAM from Germany, as well as the company ELMARCO from Italy, form a consortium for the technical processing and handling of nanofibers.

This consortium was formed within the project "Biocombs4Nanofibers" (Antiadhesive Bionic Combs for Handling of Nanofibers) and has as main objective the provision of solutions to the problem of technical processing and handling of nanofibers which is inhibited by their attraction to any surface. A possible solution to this problem comes from nature itself, from Cribellate spiders that have a comb in their anatomy with which they can manipulate and process nanofibers, without sticking, due to a special nanostructure similar to fingerprints.

Thus, the Biocombs4Nanofibers project offers a new technological approach to the problem described above, namely the realization of bionic "comb" type struts on technical surfaces that are non-stick to nanofibers and at the same time will allow the handling of nanofibers. In addition, the project also aims to create non-stick nanostructures that can prevent the adhesion of cells or other microorganisms, with direct applications in medical devices and implants.