Project 2: Synthesis, processing and characterization of micro- and nanostructures and nanomaterials produced by laser techniques, plasma or radiation

Core Program Name:

Advanced research on laser - plasma - radiation - space domain

Acronym: LAPLAS IV
Contract number: 4N/2016
Objective name: “Advanced research using lasers, plasma and radiations dedicated to priority domains of the intelligent specialization and public interest areas”

Project Title: "Synthesis, processing and characterization of micro- and nanostructures and nanomaterials produced by laser techniques, plasma or radiation"

Project 2: PN 16 47 01 02
Project Director: Dr. CRACIUN Valentin

Objective of the project:

Within this topic are summarized cutting-edge research conducted in INFLPR to obtain photonic or chemical micro and nanostructures possesing new or improved properties, their advanced processing for obtaining new functionalities and characterization of properties with applications in photonics, microelectronics, quantum electronics, production and storage of energy, space exploration and chemistry.

The topic is divided into four main objectives:

  1. Specific objective 1: photonic and chemical microstructures
  2. Specific objective 2: nanostructured thin films and materials
  3. Specific objective 3: nanostructures and nano-objects
  4. Specific objective 4: Advanced characterization and microprocessing
  1. obtaining micron and nanoscale structures with new chemical and optical properties for applications in photonics, chemistry, physics and micro-optofluidica microlaser
  2. obtaining thin films, multilayers and nanostructured materials for understanding the structure and composition role in determining the properties of these materials
  3. obtaining nanostructures and nano-functional objects with new properties and investigation of their interaction with laser radiation and plasma
  4. optical characterization, structural and compositional advanced materials and structures used in high-tech industries

Complementary objectives of this project are:

  1. maintaining and enhancing the leading role of INFLPR in photonics, laser-plasma-electron processing of nanomaterials and advanced materials by developing research capabilities
  2. developing the scientific and technological competences of INFLPR researchers
  3. discovery of new materials, development of advanced processing methods and improving advanced characterization techniques with applications in high-tech industries
  4. technical assistance to processing, synthesis and characterization and scientific services in priority areas of Romanian industry;
  5. initiating and developing viable collaboration with SMEs participating in Magurele Cluster.

For INFLPR, Core Programme has been and will remain the most important framework for employment of young scientific researchers, starting with researchers interns (students, master students, PhD students) and certified researchers (postdoctoral level). The research teams are significantly larger than those commonly encountered in other financed projects (Ideas, Partnerships, TE, etc.) enabling the integration of both experienced and young researchers with beneficial effects on educating and training the latter. It allows an efficient transfer of knowledge and working practices from experienced researchers towards junior researchers, preparing them for a future career in research or high-tech industry. The young component of the research teams will lead to increased dynamism, enthusiasm, original and unconventional approaches, ensuring a flow of innovative ideas. Also, through the multitude of complex and interdisciplinary topics addressed, requiring members belonging to several groups and laboratories of INFLPR, the program is a major contributor to the development of all scientific researchers from INFLPR.