Project 1: Advanced research on matter in extreme conditions

Core Program Name:

Advanced research on laser - plasma - radiation - space domain

Acronym: LAPLAS IV
Contract number: 4N/2016
Objective name: “Advanced research using lasers, plasma and radiations dedicated to priority domains of the intelligent specialization and public interest areas”

Project Title: "Advanced research on matter in extreme conditions"

Project 1: PN 16 47 01 01
Project Director: Dr. MITU Bogdana

Project objective:

The project foreseen advanced researches with the main objective of studying interaction phenomena among the matter in all aggregation states and ultraintense electromagnetic fields applied simultaneous with extreme temperatures and/or irradiation with charged particles. As subsidiary objective solving several technological aspects in relation to the utilization of extreme radiation is targeted. Several research thematics are covered by the umbrella of the main objective:

  1. Complex diagnostics of ultraintense laser pulses and protection towards extreme electromagnetic pulses
  2. Generation of relativistic particles upon very high intensity laser interaction with targets under vacuum
  3. Theoretical approach and numerical simulation of filamentation and generation of high harmonics upon interaction of short duration and very high intensity laser pulses with plasmas
  4. Materials and physical processes for new photonic sources and devices
  5. Obtaining, testing and maintenance of optical components and materials devoted to extreme conditions functioning (ultraintense laser or spatial radiations, fusion reactors)

Expected results for reaching the objective can be grouped according to their specificity in several categories, namely:

  1. Scientific results, with potential for publication; they will conduct to dissemination through 10 (ten) papers/year in ISI indexed journals and 5 (five) presentations to international conferences yearly;
  2. Technological results, which will conduct to 3 new procedures and 2 measuring techniques, realization of 3 systems and 4 devices, as well as to obtaining 4 new types of products. Innovative solutions will be patented by 5 (five) national patent requests and 1 (one) international patent application and they will conduct to at least 2 collaborations with companies within MHTC cluster;
  3. Results in the field of human resources by maintaining at least 100 full time research positions and generation of 5 new research positions, as well as to the finalizing of 4 PhD thesis in the field of the project by young students;
  4. Results with economical effect by at least 10 (ten) project proposals of fundamental and applicative research by the end of the project, as well as fulfilling yearly 2 contracts of technical assistance and services.

Final Report Project PN 16 47 01 01