On Saturday, May 7, 2022, you are invited to Crangasi Park to enjoy the program prepared for Astofest 2022.

INFLPR, as a partner of the event, is waiting for you with laser, plasma and radiation physics experiments, and more precisely with the following experiments:

  1. The work "The acoustic levitator" made by Mihai Boni;
  2. The experiment "The paper spectrometer" made by Mihai Boni and presented in collaboration with students of the Faculty of Physics, UB;
  3. The work "Internet of Microorganisms" carried out in collaboration of CETAL with students from UB and UPB;
  4. The work "Light - incursion into the world of plasma and spectroscopy" - PFN, PTJ and Fotoplasmat laboratories;
  5. Films from INFLPR laboratories.

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