Different School - ReCoNnect, 6th edition, June, 2022

The organizers of the Researchers' Night events from 20 localities in the country, gathered within the ReCoNnect consortium, of which INFLPR is a part, offer you the opportunity to interact with researchers, together with students, during your classes. Over 25 science topics are proposed to you at the gymnasium and / or high school level, among them we mention: nanoscience, particle accelerators, DNA, seismology on other planets, space missions, inorganic pigments, quantum mechanics, Buzău Land Geopark, public discourse construction, 3D printing, healthy eating, etc.

Webinars are scheduled between May 30 and June 10, 3 each day, and the first to register choose the time and day of the session.
Also during these webinars you will be able to find out about future opportunities to meet with researchers from the Măgurele platform and from the country. You will also find out more about different interesting events like competitions, the Măgurele Summer School of Science and Technology August 20 - September 2, fairs, etc.

You can find more information about webinars on the registration platform and on social media pages:
[1] https://scicommtoolbox.ro/activitati/scoala-altfel-reconnect-editia-vi-i...
[2] https://www.facebook.com/educatiepentrustiinta
[3] https://www.facebook.com/events/725534771932200