LASER-FO POCIDIF Measure 1.1.2


INFLPR, as the project coordinator, invites innovative IMM interested in the development of products and technologies based on high-power fiber optic lasers to join the coordinator in the process of developing the project proposal and implementing the "TECHNOLOGICAL PLATFORM" project FOR THE PRODUCTION OF HIGH POWER LASERS AND LASER PROCESSING EQUIPMENT” acronym LASER FO.

INFLPR, as coordinator of the "LASER FO" project, announces the opening of the selection process of private partners (IMM) for their inclusion in the consortium that will implement the "LASER FO" project, financed by the POCIDIF program, Measure 1.1.2. Increasing the degree of public-private collaboration (OC and SME), call for projects "Support for CDI projects for thematic consortia between public-private partners".

For more details, visit the project website: