INFLPR Seminar, Thursday, 25 May 2017, 12:00 pm, PPNF Laboratory, INFM - Seminar Room, Dr. Florin Spineanu: "Basic flows at equilibrium in toroidal plasma"

Seminar INFLPR

Joi, 25 May 2017, ora 12:00

Laboratorul FPFN, sala de seminar a INFM

Titlu: "Basic flows at equilibrium in toroidal plasma"

Prezinta: Dr. Florin Spineanu

Sesiunile de Lucru ale Teoriei Plasmei, a II-a reuniune

Rezumat: Here we will arrive at a more specific manifestation of the neoclassic physics of the plasma in toroidal geometry. It is an essential difference relative to the cylindrical geometry. The simple fact that the magnetic field has toroidal geometry and it confines the particles lead to the diamganetic flow. The zero-divergence of the current imposes then a compensating toroidal flow with a harmonic distribution over the poloidal section. This current (Pfirsch Schluter) is not surprizing: the flow in the Earth atmosphere, from equator to the North Pole, cannot exist – for incompressible air – without winds along the longitudes. In tokamak, the flows are important source of transport, the neoclassical transport. They also depend on collisionality. The strange nature of the diamagnetic flow (unbalance of fluxes but no physical displacement) will be discussed, since we will need to prepare the “bootstrap” case, later.